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A Love Song review – a sparse, wistful gem

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A pretty, low-key showcase for the skills of character actors Dale Dickey and Wes Studi, A Love Music is a wistful little gem of a movie. Dickey performs Faye, a widow camped out by the facet of a Colorado lake, eking out a stripped-back existence of birdwatching, boiling up espresso and catching crawfish. The huge potential of the wild and limitless panorama is mirrored in miniature in Faye’s life. She’s at a turning level. On a whim she despatched a letter to her old flame, Lito (Studi). And though she’s not certain she is going to recognise him, she waits for him.

There’s a sparseness and stillness to Max Walker-Silverman’s storytelling that’s crammed by Dickey’s terrific, lived-in efficiency and the transient spark of connection between two lonely individuals.

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