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Black cats getting harmed during Halloween is just ‘pure myth’

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Identical to pumpkins, witches and ghouls, black cats have develop into synonymous with Halloween and one of the in style animals related to the vacation.

As iconic they’re for his or her appearances as Binx in “Hocus Pocus” or Salem in “Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” black cats have been stated to reportedly endure from their Halloween reputation. From tales of them being abused, used for satanic rituals and even deserted or killed, folks have stated animal shelters mustn’t let folks undertake black cats throughout the month of October.

However the actuality is, black cats do not truly face elevated hazard due to Halloween. It is simply an city legend. 

“That is pure fantasy,” Becky Robinson, president and founding father of Alley Cat Allies, advised USA TODAY. “It is simply an previous concern that black cats are going to be adopted by folks with unhealthy intentions.”

Since founding Alley Cat Allies in 1990, Robinson has made it her mission to advocate for the safety of cats internationally. She stated there isn’t any information to show black cats are being harmed throughout this season. 

The historical past of black cats being related to Halloween and unhealthy luck goes way back to historic Egypt and Greece after they have been seen as legendary creatures, according to History. In medieval Europe, the rise of witchcraft was related to black cats, which then got here throughout to the USA, though there isn’t any clear reply for the way the 2 turned related. Black cats have been additionally closely blamed for spreading the Black Plague.

The portrait of a black cat.

Black cats even have been  characterised as unhealthy luck charms for the individuals who could cross their paths, however in actuality, it’s normal to run into one. Black fur is a dominant trait in cats, which means it simply takes that one gene for a cat to look black. That misguided superstition of black cats being unfortunate means it takes extra effort to get black cats adopted, Robinson says.

Julie Fortress, CEO of Finest Associates Animal Society, stated the problem of getting cats out of a shelter goes past the black cat. It impacts the entire species.

Nationally, cats die at shelters greater than some other animal. Annually, roughly 920,000 shelter animals are euthanized, with greater than half, roughly 530,000, being cats, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

“Cats basically, there’s simply extra of them getting into the shelter system. So, subsequently, now we have to do double the work to get cats adopted into households,” Fortress stated. “We have got our work minimize out for us in the case of cats.”

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Since there isn’t any proof of hurt occurring to black cats, Robinson says as an alternative of being cautious with adopting out felines round Halloween, shelters truly could use the animal’s reputation to double down on selling they go to a great house across the spooky vacation.

“Halloween is a advertising and marketing season for black cats,” she stated. “A lot of animal shelters truly use this time of 12 months to advertise black cats for adoption.”

Fortress stated it takes shelters getting in entrance of the media as a lot as they will throughout the vacation stretch from Halloween by means of Christmas to get black cats, and different animals, adopted. In recent times, the choice to make use of all late-year holidays as a advertising and marketing device has paid off nicely. 

Nonetheless, if individuals are nonetheless uncertain about taking in a black cat, Robinson can vouch from her expertise of being a black cat proprietor, saying they “introduced me nothing however good luck.

“They’re uplifting, and I do know that there is lots of of 1000’s of people that agree with me who’ve shared their properties with black cats.”

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