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CBSE Class 10 Painting Term 1 Sample Paper 2021-22 (with Marking Scheme)

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CBSE Class 10 Portray Pattern Paper for Time period 1 Board Examination 2021-22 is launched with Marking Scheme cum Reply Key. Know the paper sample and sort of questions for the upcoming board examination.

CBSE Board Examination 2021-22: Pattern Paper of CBSE Class 10 Portray for the Time period 1 Board Examination 2021-22 is on the market right here with Marking Scheme. The CBSE pattern paper is beneficial for getting acquainted with the query paper format whereas the CBSE marking scheme helps to know the proper solutions for all questions given within the pattern paper. College students should observe with the assistance of this newest pattern paper to carry out nicely of their upcoming time period 1 examination.

CBSE Class 10 Portray Pattern Query Paper (Code- 049) for Time period 1 Examination 2021-22:

Most Marks: 15

Time Allowed: 60 Minutes (1 Hour) 

Normal directions:

1. The query paper comprises three sections A, B and C.

2. Part A has 12 questions. Try any 10 questions.

3. Part B has 12 questions. Try any 10 questions.

4. Part C has 6 questions. Try any 5 questions.

5. All questions carry equal marks.

6. There isn’t any unfavourable marking.

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1. Which line exhibits emphasis and attracts consideration in direction of itself:

A -Daring traces

B – Diagonal traces

C – Vertical traces

D -Radial traces

2. “Form is two- dimensional with peak and width .It may be geometrical or pure/ natural”, this assertion depicts, Kind is three dimensional with peak & depth:

A -About Color

B -About Texture

C -About Form &Kind

D – About Area

3. The colors which can’t be obtained by mixing any two colors and are pure and located in nature as it’s ,they’re known as as :

A -Territory colors

B -Secondary colors

C -Heat and Cool Colors

D – Major colors  

4. “Inventive method of utilizing artwork materials comparable to brushes, colors, pencil and so on. How The Accomplished paintings is to be framed and hanged at correct place” above statements depicts:

A -About Rupa Bheda

B -Varnika Bhanga

C -LavanyaYojanam

D -Sadrisyam

5. By which gadget we will see the presence of colors in a ray of sunshine?

A – Mirror

B – Prism

C – Telescope

D -X- Ray

6. What’s Texture?

A -Floor properties or high quality of supplies

B -Nature of oil

C -Mineral dimension

D -Drawing approach

7. What are the colors that produce cooling impact?

A – Purple/ Yellow

B – Blue/ Inexperienced

C -Black/ White

D – Purple/ Black  

8. Hue, Worth, Depth are the properties of:

A -Concord

B -Form of type

C -Color

D -Texture

9. What’s Monochrome?

A -Various Tones of just one color

B -Second colors tone

C – Mixing of One Major & One Secondary color

D – Tone of cool color

10. Analogous colors are the class of shades of 1 color:

A -Yellow, Cadmium yellow

B -Purple, Yellow

C -Blue, Inexperienced

D -Orange ,Blue

11. What number of instances ought to a watercolor portray to be dipped in water?

A – As soon as

B -Twice

C -3 times

D -As required

12. Pastel sheet, handmade sheet, ivory sheet, butter paper is the number of :

A -Drafting board

B – Paper

C – Colors

D -Brushes

Obtain the complete pattern paper from the hyperlink talked about beneath:

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