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CBSE Class 10 Science Chapter Wise Important Case Study Questions

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CBSE Class 10 Science Chapter Wise Important Case Study Questions

CBSE Class 10 Science Chapter Smart Essential Case Research Questions: Whereas the CBSE Board examination for sophistication 10 college students has been scheduled from February fifteenth, 2023, the CBSE Class 10 Science board examination 2023 is to be held on March 4, 2023. With the exams only a  few days away, CBSE Class tenth Board examination candidates are dashing to organize the remaining syllabus, practising their weak parts, making an attempt to revise the vital questions from the previous yr papers, practise questions, and so forth. 

To assist the scholars of CBSE Class 10 Science, right here now we have supplied Case Research Questions Class 10 Science CBSE Chapter Smart PDF. By fixing these vital case research questions, college students will have the ability to revise and analyse their preparation for the board examination 2023.

Why are CBSE Class 10 Science Case Research Questions Essential?

Based on the most recent CBSE tenth Science query paper design, the division of the questions within the CBSE Class 10 Science board examination 2023 can be as follows:

  1. Part A : 20 A number of Alternative Questions (MCQs) carrying 1 mark every. 
  2. Part B : 6 Very Quick Reply kind questions carrying 2 marks every. Solutions to those questions must be within the vary of 30 to 50 phrases. 
  3. Part C : 7 Quick Reply kind questions carrying 3 marks every. Solutions to those questions must be within the vary of fifty to 80 phrases. 
  4. Part D : 3 Lengthy Reply kind questions carrying 5 marks every. Solutions to those questions must be within the vary of 80 to 120 phrases.
  5. Part E : 3 Case Primarily based/ Supply Primarily based items of evaluation (4 marks every) with sub-parts. 

As talked about above, Case Primarily based Questions will carry a complete of 12 marks i.e about 15 p.c of the entire CBSE Class 10 Science marks will come from the Case Research Primarily based Query. Due to this fact, it is extremely vital for all candidates in CBSE Class 10 to practise the vital case research questions from the Science syllabus very nicely. 

Tips on how to resolve case research questions in CBSE Class 10 Science?

  1. Learn the case given and the related questions fastidiously.
  2. Learn the questions attentively and analyse what they’re asking.
  3. Apply your topic information and theories within the given case to determine what the proper solutions must be.

CBSE Class 10 Science Chapter Smart Essential Case Research Questions

1.A chemical response is a illustration of chemical change when it comes to symbols and formulae of reactants and merchandise. There are numerous kinds of chemical reactions like mixture, decomposition, displacement, double displacement, oxidation and discount reactions. Reactions through which warmth is launched together with the formation of merchandise are referred to as exothermic chemical reactions. All combustion reactions are exothermic reactions.

(i) The huge power that pushes the rocket ahead by house is generated as a result of

(a) mixture response

(b) decomposition response

(c) displacement response

(d) double displacement response

(ii) A white salt on heating decomposes to present brown fumes and yellow residue is left behind. The yellow residue left is of

(a) lead nitrate

(b) nitrogen oxide

(c) lead oxide

(d) oxygen gasoline

(iii) Which of the next reactions represents a mixture response?

(a) CaO (s) + H2O (l) → Ca (OH)2 (aq)

(b) CaCO3 (s) → CaO (s) + CO2(g)

(c) Zn(s) + CuSO4 (aq) → ZnSO4 (aq) + Cu(s)

(d) 2FeSO4(s) → Fe2O3 (s) +SO2(g) + SO3(g)

(iv) Full the next statements by selecting right kind of response for X and Y.

Assertion 1: The heating of lead nitrate is an instance of ‘X’ response.

Assertion 2: The burning of magnesium is an instance of ‘Y’ response.




(d) X- Displacement, Y-Decomposition

2.The sooner idea of oxidation and discount is predicated on the addition or elimination of oxygen or hydrogen parts so, when it comes to oxygen and hydrogen, oxidation is addition of oxygen to a substance and elimination of hydrogen from a substance. However, discount is addition of hydrogen to a substance and elimination of oxygen from a substance. The substance which supplies oxygen to a different substance or removes hydrogen from one other substance in an oxidation response is named oxidising agent, whereas the substance which supplies hydrogen to a different substance or removes oxygen from one other substance in a discount response is named lowering agent. For instance, 

(i) A redox response is one through which

(a) each the substances are lowered

(b) each the substances are oxidised

(c) an acid is neutralised by the bottom

(d) one substance is oxidised whereas the opposite is lowered.

(ii) Within the response, H2S+Cl2⟶S+2HCl

(a) H2S is the lowering agent. 

(b) HCl is the oxidising agent.

(c) H2S is the oxidising agent. 

(d) Cl2 is the lowering agent.

(iii) Which of the next processes doesn’t contain both oxidation or discount?

(a) Formation of slaked lime from quicklime.

(b) Heating mercuric oxide.

(c) Formation of manganese chloride from manganese oxide (MnO2).

(d) Formation of zinc from zinc blende.

(iv) Mg+CuO⟶MgO+Cu

Which of the next is fallacious regarding the above response?

(a) CuO will get lowered

(b) Mg will get oxidised.

(c) CuO will get oxidised. 

(d) It’s a redox response.

3.A copper vessel will get tarnished because of formation of an oxide layer on its floor. On rubbing lemon on the vessel, the floor is cleaned, and the vessel begins to shine once more. This is because of the truth that which reacts with the acid current in lemon to type a salt which is washed away with water. In consequence, the layer of copper oxide is faraway from the floor of the vessel and the shining floor is uncovered.

1.Which of the next acids is current in lemon?

(a) Formic acid

(b) Acetic acid

(c) Citric acid

(d) Hydrochloric acid

2.The character of copper oxide is

a) acidic

b) primary

c) impartial

d) amphoteric

3.Title the salt shaped within the above response

a) copper carbonate

b) copper chloride

c)copper citrate

d) copper citrate

4.The phenomenon of copper getting tarnished is

a) corrosion

b) rancidity

c) displacement

d)none of those

4.Metals as we all know, are very helpful in all fields, industries particularly. Non-metals aren’t any much less in any approach. Oxygen current in air is important for respiratory in addition to for combustion. Non-metals type a lot of compounds that are extraordinarily helpful, e.g., ammonia, nitric acid, sulphuric acid, and so forth. Non-metals are discovered to exist in three states of matter. Solely strong non-metals are anticipated to be arduous nevertheless, they’ve low density and are brittle. They normally have low melting and boiling factors and are poor conductors of electrical energy.

i.____________ is a non-metal however is lustrous


B. Sulphur

C. Bromine

D. Iodine

ii.Which of the next is named ‘King of chemical compounds’?

A Urea

B. Ammonia

C. Sulphuric acid

D. Nitric acid

iii.Which of the next non-metals is a liquid?


B. Bromine

C. Iodine

D. Sulphur

iv.Hydrogen is used

A.for the synthesis of ammonia

B. for the synthesis of methyl alcohol

C.nitrogenous fertilizers

D. all of those

5.Nisha noticed that the bottoms of cooking utensils had been turning black in color whereas the flame of her range was yellow in color. Her daughter prompt cleansing the air holes of the range to get a clear, blue flame. She additionally instructed her mom that this might forestall the gas from getting wasted.

a) Determine the explanations behind the sooty flame arising from the range.

b) Are you able to distinguish between saturated and unsaturated compounds by burning them? Justify your reply.

c) Why do you suppose the color of the flame turns blue as soon as the air holes of the range are cleaned?

6.Blood transport meals, Oxygen and waste supplies in our our bodies. It consists of plasma as a fluid medium. A pumping organ [heart] is required to push the blood across the physique. The blood flows by the chambers of the center in a particular method and course. Whereas flowing all through the physique, blood exerts a strain towards the wall or a vessel.

i.Oxygenated blood from lungs enters left atrium by

  1. Vena cava
  2. Pulmonary artery
  3. Pulmonary vein
  4. Aorta

ii.The speed of blood circulation within the capillaries could be very low as a result of capillaries are

  1. Very slender and have excessive resistance
  2. A lot huge and have low resistance
  3. Very slender and have low resistance
  4. A lot huge and have excessive resistance

iii.Which of the next statements are true about human coronary heart?

  1. It’s a hole muscular organ
  2. It’s 4 chambered having three auricles and one ventricle.
  3. It has completely different chambers to forestall O2 wealthy blood from mixing with the blood containing CO2
  4. Each A & C

iv.Research the desk under and choose the row that has right info.

  1. Blood = Plasma + RBC + WBC + Platelets
  2. Plasma = Blood – RBC
  3. Lymph = Plasma + RBC
  4. Serum = Plasma + RBC + WBC

7.A mind is displayed on the Allen Institute for Mind Science. The human mind is a 3-pound (1.4-kilogram) mass of jelly-like fat and tissues—but it is essentially the most advanced of all recognized residing constructions The human mind is extra advanced than another recognized construction within the universe. Weighing in at three kilos, on common, this spongy mass of fats and protein is made up of two overarching kinds of cells—referred to as glia and neurons— and it accommodates many billions of every. Neurons are notable for his or her branch-like projections referred to as axons and dendrites, which collect and transmit electrochemical indicators. Various kinds of glial cells present bodily safety to neurons and assist preserve them, and the mind, wholesome. Collectively, this advanced community of cells offers rise to each facet of our shared humanity. We couldn’t breathe, play, love, or keep in mind with out the mind.

1)Animals comparable to elephants, dolphins, and whales even have bigger brains, however people have essentially the most developed cerebrum. It is packed to capability inside our skulls and is very folded. Why our mind is very folded?

2)Which amongst this isn’t a perform of cerebrum?

  1. a) speech
  2. b) Studying
  3. c) Posture
  4. d) Emotion

3)Which amongst these protects our mind?


b) Cerebrospinal fluid


d) Gray matter

4.Ram was finding out in his room. All of a sudden he smells one thing burning and sees smoke within the room. He rushes out of the room instantly. Was Ram’s motion voluntary or involuntary? Why?

8.Preeti could be very keen on gardening. She has completely different flowering crops in her backyard. At some point just a few naughty kids entered her backyard and plucked many leaves of Bryophyllum plant and threw them right here and there within the backyard. After few days, Preeti noticed that new Bryophyllum crops had been popping out from the leaves which fell on the bottom.

1.What does the incident sited within the paragraph point out?

(a). Bryophyllum leaves have particular buds that germinate to present rise to new plant.

(b). Bryophyllum can propagate vegetatively by leaves.

(c). Bryophyllum is a flowering plant that reproduces solely asexually

(d). Each (a) and (b).

2.Which of the next crops can propagate vegetatively by leaves like Bryophyllum?




(d) Mint

3.Do you suppose another vegetative a part of Bryophyllum may also help in propagation? If sure, then which half?


(b) Stems

(c) Flowers


4.Which of the next plant is artificially propagated (vegetatively) by stem cuttings in horticultural practices?




(d)Water hyacinth

9.The rising measurement of the human inhabitants is a explanation for concern for all folks. The speed of start and dying in a given inhabitants will decide its measurement. Copy is the method by which organisms enhance their inhabitants. The method of sexual maturation for copy is gradual and takes place whereas normal physique progress continues to be occurring. A point of sexual maturation doesn’t essentially imply that the thoughts or physique is prepared for sexual acts or for having and mentioning kids. Numerous contraceptive gadgets are being utilized by human beings to regulate the scale of the inhabitants.

1) What are frequent indicators of sexual maturation in boys?

a) Broadening of shoulders

b) Growth of mammary glands

c) Broadening of waist

d) Excessive pitch of voice

2) Frequent signal of sexual maturation in women is

a) Low pitch voice

b) Look of moustache and beard

c) Growth of mammary glands

d) Broadening of shoulders

3) Which contraceptive methodology modifications the hormonal steadiness of the physique?

a) Condoms

b) Diaphragms

c) Oral drugs

d) Each a) and b)

4) What must be maintained for wholesome society?

a) Fee of start and dying fee

b) Female and male intercourse ratio

c) Little one intercourse ratio

d) None of those

10.Pea crops can have easy seeds or wrinkled seeds. One of many phenotypes is totally dominant over the opposite. A farmer decides to pollinate one flower of a plant with easy seeds utilizing pollen from a plant with wrinkled seeds. The ensuing pea pod has all easy seeds.

i) Which of the next conclusions may be drawn?

(1) The allele for easy seeds is dominated over that of wrinkled seeds.

(2) The plant with easy seeds is heterozygous.

(3) The plant with wrinkled seeds is homozygous.

(a) 1 solely

(b) 1 and a couple of solely

(c) 1 and three solely

(d) 1, 2 and three

ii) Which of the next crosses will give easy and wrinkled seeds in identical proportion?

(a) RR X rr

(b) Rr X rr

(C) RRX Rr

(d) rr X rr

iii) Which of the next cross can be utilized to find out the genotype of a plant with dominant phenotype?

(a) RR X RR

(b) Rr X Rr

(c) Rr X RR

(d) RR X rr

iv) On crossing of two heterozygous easy seeded crops (Rr), a complete of 1000 crops had been obtained in F1 technology. What would be the respective variety of easy and wrinkled seeds obtained in F1 technology?

(a) 750, 250

(b) 500, 500

(C) 800, 200

(d) 950, 50

11.Meals chains are crucial for the survival of most species.When just one ingredient is faraway from the meals chain it can lead to extinction of a species in some instances.The inspiration of the meals chain consists of major producers.Major producers or autotrophs,can use both photo voltaic power or chemical power to create advanced natural compounds,whereas species at increased trophic ranges can not and so should devour producers or different life that itself consumes producers. As a result of the solar’s mild is critical for photosynthesis,most life couldn’t exist if the solar disappeared.Even so,it has just lately been found that there are some types of life,chemotrophs,that seem to achieve all their metabolic power from chemosynthesis pushed by hydrothermal vents,thus displaying that some life might not require photo voltaic power to thrive.

1.If 10,000 J photo voltaic power falls on inexperienced crops in a terrestrial ecosystem,what proportion of photo voltaic power will likely be transformed into meals power?


(b)100 J

(c)1000 J

(d)It is going to rely on the kind of the terrestrial plant

2.Matter and power are two basic inputs of an ecosystem. Motion of

(a)Vitality is by directional and matter is repeatedly circulating

(b)Vitality is repeatedly circulating and matter is unidirectional

(c)Vitality is unidirectional and matter is repeatedly circulating

(d)Vitality is multidirectional and matter is bidirectional

3.Raj is consuming curd/yoghurt. For this meals consumption in a meals chain he must be thought-about as occupying

(a)First trophic degree

(b)Second trophic degree

(c)Third trophic degree

(d)Fourth trophic degree

4.Which of the next, limits the variety of trophic ranges in a meals chain

(a)Lower in power at increased trophic ranges

(b)Much less availability of meals

(c)Polluted air


5.The decomposers will not be included within the meals chain. The right motive for a similar is as a result of decomposers

(a) Act at each trophic degree on the meals chain

(b) Don’t breakdown natural compounds

(c) Convert natural materials to inorganic varieties

(d) Launch enzymes outdoors their physique to transform natural materials to inorganic varieties

12.Shyam participated in a gaggle dialogue in his inter faculty competitors on the sensible utility of sunshine and was very blissful to win an award for his faculty. That very night his father gave deal with to have fun Shyam’s win. Shyam whereas sitting noticed a picture of an individual sitting at his bottom in his curved plate and will see that individual’s cellular drop within the flower mattress. Particular person was not conscious till Shyam went and knowledgeable him. He thanked Shyam for his intelligent transfer.

a)From which facet of his plate Shyam noticed the incident –

i)outward curved

ii)inward curved

iii)aircraft floor

iv) mirror

b)A part of plate from which Shyam noticed the incident acted like a-

i)concave mirror

ii)convex mirror

iii)aircraft mirror

iv) lens

c)The character of the scale of the picture shaped in above scenario is –

i)actual, inverted and magnified

ii)identical measurement , laterally inverted

iii)digital, erect and diminished

iv)actual , inverted and diminished

d)Magnification of the picture shaped by convex mirror is –



greater than 1

iii)equal to 1

iv)lower than 1

13.We all know that lenses type several types of photos when objects are stored at various positions. When a ray is incident parallel to the principal axis, then after refraction, it passes by the main target or seems to return from the main target.When a ray goes by the optical centre of the lens, it passes with none deviation. If the item is positioned between the main target and optical middle of the convex lens, erect and magnified picture is shaped. As the item is introduced nearer to the convex lens from infinity to focus, the picture strikes away from the convex lens from focus to infinity. Additionally the sizeof the picture goes on growing and the picture is all the time actual and inverted. A concave lens all the time offers a digital, erect and diminished picture regardless of the place of the item.

  1. The situation of picture shaped by a convex lens when the item is positioned at infinity is

(a) at focus

(b) at 2F

(c) at optical middle

(d) betweenFand 2F

  1. When the item is positioned on the focus of concave lens, the picture shaped is

(a)actual and smaller

(b) digital and smaller

(c) digital and inverted

(d) actual and erect

  1. The dimensions of picture shaped by a convex lens when the item is positioned at the main target ofconvex lens is

(a) extremely magnified

(b) level in measurement

(c) small

(d) identical as that of object

  1. When the item is positioned at 2F in entrance of convex lens, the placement of picture is

(a)at F

(b) between F and optical middle

(c) at infinity

(d) not one of the above

14.One of many wires in home circuits provide, normally with a crimson insulation cowl, is named dwell wire. with black insulation is named impartial wire. The earth wire, which has insulation of inexperienced color, is normally related to a metallic plate deep within the earth close to the home home equipment that has a metallic physique. Overloading contact, in such a scenario the present within the circuit abruptly will increase. circuit prevents harm to the home equipment and the circuit because of overloading.

1 When do we are saying that {an electrical} equipment

2 Point out the perform of earth wire in electrical line

3 How is an electrical fuse related in a home circuit?

4 When overloading and quick circuiting are stated to happen?

5 What’s a dwell wire?

15.Gentle of all the colors journey on the identical velocity in vacuum for all wavelengths. However in any clear medium(glass or water), the sunshine of various colors travels at completely different speeds for various wavelengths, which implies that the refractive index of a specific medium is completely different for various wavelengths. As there’s a distinction of their speeds, the sunshine of various colors bend by completely different angles. The velocity of violet color is most and the velocity of crimson color is minimal in glass so, the crimson mild deviates least and violet color deviates most. Therefore, increased the wavelength of a color of sunshine, smaller the refractive index and fewer is the bending of sunshine.

(i)Which of the next statements is right relating to the propagation of Gentle of various colors of white mild in air?

(a) Crimson mild strikes quickest.

(b) Blue mild strikes quicker than inexperienced mild.

(c) All the colors of the white mild transfer with the identical velocity.

(d) Yellow mild strikes with the imply velocity as that of the crimson and the violet mild.

(ii)Which of the next is the proper order of wavelength?

(a) Crimson> Inexperienced> Yellow

(b) Crimson> Violet> Inexperienced

(c) Yellow> Inexperienced> Violet

(d) Crimson> Yellow> Orange

(iii)Which of the next is the proper order of velocity of sunshine in glass?

(a) Crimson> Inexperienced> Blue

(b) Blue> Inexperienced> Crimson

(c) Violet> Crimson> Inexperienced

(d) Inexperienced> Crimson> Blue

(iv)Which color has most frequency?

(a) Crimson

(b) Violet

(c) Blue

(d) Inexperienced

16.The area round a magnet the place magnetism acts is represented by the magnetic area.The power of magnetism is because of shifting cost or some magnetic materials. Like stationary prices produce an electrical area proportional to the magnitude of cost, shifting prices produce magnetic fields proportional to the present. In different phrases, a present carrying conductor produces a magnetic area round it. The subatomic particles within the conductor, just like the electrons shifting in atomic orbitals, are chargeable for the manufacturing of magnetic fields. The magnetic area strains round a straight conductor (straight wire) carrying present are concentric circles whose centres lie on the wire.

1)The magnetic area related to a present carrying straight conductor is in anti- clockwise course. If the conductor was held horizontally alongside east west course,what’s the course of present by it?

2)Title and state the rule utilized to find out the course of magnetic area in a straight present carrying conductor.

3)Ramus performs an experiment to review the magnetic impact of present round a present carrying straight conductor with the assistance of a magnetic compass. He stories that

a)The diploma of deflection of magnetic compass will increase when the compass is moved away from the conductor.

b)The diploma of deflection of the magnetic compass will increase when the present by the conductor is elevated.

Which of the above observations of the scholar seems to be fallacious and why?

4)What kind of area is produced by stationary and shifting prices respectively?

Keep tuned to get the solutions to CBSE Class 10 Science Chapter smart Essential case research based mostly questions .

Case Research Questions Class 10 Science CBSE Chapter Smart PDF

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