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CBSE Class 10 Science Term 2 Syllabus 2021-22 (PDF) with Important Resources

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CBSE Class tenth Science Syllabus for Time period 2 of Tutorial Session 2021-2022 is offered right here. Obtain the diminished syllabus and examine for time period 2 based on the course construction talked about within the syllabus.

CBSE Syllabus 2021-22: CBSE Class 10 Science Time period 2 Syllabus is offered right here. That is the revised and diminished syllabus that might be relevant for the remaining half of the present educational session 2021-22. You’ll get to know the names and weightage of models to be lined in Time period 2. The Class 10 Science Time period 2 Syllabus additionally mentions the checklist of experiments for sensible work and elements of inner evaluation for time period 2. Additionally, you will get to know the examination scheme for CBSE Class 10 Science Time period 2 Examination 2022.


CBSE Class 10 Science Sample Paper and Marking Scheme for Term 2 Board Exam 2022

CBSE Class 10 Science Important 2 Marks Questions for Term 2 Exam 2022 

CBSE Class 10 Science Assertion and Reason Questions for Term 2 Exam 2022

Basic Directions:

1. The entire Principle Examinations (Time period I+II) might be of 80 marks and 20 marks weightage shall be for Inside Evaluation (Time period I+II).

2. Inside Evaluation – Most Marks 10 for every Time period:

a. There might be Periodic Evaluation that would come with: 

• Three periodic exams might be carried out by the varsity in all the session. Common of the 2 periodic exams/marks of finest periodic Take a look at carried out within the Time period is to be taken for consideration.

• Numerous strategies of evaluation as per the necessity of the category dynamics and curriculum transaction. These could embody – brief exams, oral take a look at, quiz, idea maps, initiatives, posters, shows, enquiry primarily based scientific investigations and so forth.

b. Topic Enrichment within the type of Sensible/Laboratory work needs to be executed all year long and the scholar ought to preserve report of the identical. Sensible Evaluation needs to be steady. All practicals listed within the syllabus have to be accomplished. c. Portfolio to be ready by the student- This would come with class work and different pattern of pupil work.

Course Construction for CBSE Class 10 Science Time period II (2021-2022):





Chemical Substances-Nature and Behaviour: Chapters 4 and 5



World of Dwelling: Chapters 8 and  9



Results of Present: Chapter 12 and 13



Pure Assets: Chapter 15






Inside Evaluation





Additionally Verify CBSE Class 10 Term 2 Syllabus 2021-22 (All Subjects)

Theme: Supplies

Unit I: Chemical Substances – Nature and Behaviour

Chapter – 4 Carbon and its compounds

Carbon compounds: Covalent bonding in carbon compounds. Versatile nature of carbon.Homologous sequence.

Chapter – 5 Periodic classification of components

Periodic classification of components: Want for classification, early makes an attempt at classification of components (Dobereiner’s Triads, Newland’s Legislation of Octaves, Mendeleev’s Periodic Desk), Fashionable periodic desk, gradation in properties, valency, atomic quantity, metallic and non-metallic properties.

Theme: The World of the Dwelling

Unit II: World of Dwelling

Chapter – 8 How do organisms reproduce?

Replica: Replica in animals and crops (asexual and sexual) reproductive health-need and strategies of household planning. Secure intercourse vs HIV/AIDS.Youngster bearing and ladies’s well being.

Chapter – 9 Heredity and Evolution

Heredity: Heredity; Mendel’s contribution- Legal guidelines for inheritance of traits: Intercourse dedication: temporary introduction;

Theme: Pure Phenomena

Unit IV: Results of Present

Chapter – 12 Electrical energy

Ohm’s regulation; Resistance, Resistivity, Elements on which the resistance of a conductor relies upon. Sequence mixture of resistors, parallel mixture of resistors and its functions in each day life. Heating impact of electrical present and its functions in each day life. Electrical energy, Interrelation between P, V, I and R.

Chapter – 13 Magnetic results of present

Magnetic results of present: Magnetic discipline, discipline traces, discipline attributable to a present carrying conductor, discipline attributable to present carrying coil or solenoid; Pressure on present carrying conductor, Fleming’s Left Hand Rule, Electrical Motor, Electromagnetic induction. Induced potential distinction, Induced present. Fleming’s Proper Hand Rule.

Theme: Pure Assets

Unit V: Pure Assets

Chapter – 15 Our Atmosphere

Our surroundings: Eco-system, Environmental issues, Ozone depletion, waste manufacturing and their options. Biodegradable and non-biodegradable substances.


Be aware: Learners are assigned to learn the beneath listed a part of Unit V. They are often inspired to arrange a short write up on anyone idea of this Unit of their Portfolio. This can be an evaluation for Inside Evaluation and credit score could also be given (Periodic evaluation/Portfolio). This portion of the Unit is to not be assessed within the year-end examination.

Chapter – 16 Administration of pure assets: Conservation and even handed use of pure assets. Forest and wild life; Coal and Petroleum conservation. Examples of individuals’s participation for conservation of pure assets. Huge dams: benefits and limitations; options, if any. Water harvesting. Sustainability of pure assets


Sensible needs to be carried out alongside the ideas taught in concept courses.



1. Learning the dependence of potential distinction (V) throughout a resistor on the present (I) passing by it and figuring out its resistance. Additionally plotting a graph between V and I. Unit-IV:(Chapter-12)

2. Learning (a) binary fission in Amoeba, and (b) budding in yeast and Hydra with the assistance of ready slides. Unit-II:(Chapter-8)

Class X Science (086) Evaluation Areas (Principle) 2021-22

Most Marks: 80



Display Information and Understanding


Utility of Information/Ideas


Analyze, Consider and Create


Be aware:  

• Inside alternative could be supplied.

• Inside Evaluation – Time period II (10 Marks every)

Parts of Inside Evaluation

Periodic Evaluation – 03 marks

A number of Evaluation – 02 marks

Topic Enrichment (Sensible Work) – 03 marks 

Portfolio – 02 marks


• Science-Textual content e book for sophistication X – NCERT Publication

• Evaluation of Sensible Expertise in Science- Class X – CBSE Publication

• Laboratory Handbook-Science – Class X, NCERT Publication

• Exemplar Issues Class X – NCERT Publication

The earlier syllabus of Class 10 Science (based on outdated evaluation scheme) that was launched in March 2021 will also be checked from the hyperlink talked about beneath. This syllabus could be referred to for understanding how the board has divided the subjects between the 2 phrases.

Additionally Verify: CBSE Class 10 Science Best Study Material for 2021-2022 Session

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