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CBSE Class 12 Physics Syllabus 2022 (Term 2): CBSE 12th Physics Board Exam 2022

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Test Time period 2 CBSE Class 12 Physics Syllabus 2022. It’s important for the preparation of the upcoming Time period 2 CBSE twelfth Physics board examination 2022. College students making ready for Time period 2 CBSE Class 12 Physics board examination 2022 ought to plan their research accordingly.

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CBSE Class 12 Physics Syllabus 2022 (Time period 2): CBSE twelfth Physics Board Examination 2022

Class XII Syllabus assigned for Time period II (Principle)

Time: 2 Hours Max Marks: 35



Unit – V

Electromagnetic Waves


Chapter–8: Electromagnetic Waves

Unit – VI


Chapter–9: Ray Optics and Optical Devices

Chapter–10: Wave Optics

Unit – VII

Twin Nature of Radiation and Matter



Chapter–11: Twin Nature of Radiation and Matter


Atoms and Nuclei

Chapter–12: Atoms

Chapter–13: Nuclei

Unit IX

Digital Gadgets


Chapter–14: Semiconductor -Electronics: Supplies, Gadgets and Easy Circuits




Unit V: Electromagnetic waves (2 Durations)

Chapter–8: Electromagnetic Waves

Electromagnetic waves, their traits, their Transverse nature (qualitative concepts solely).

Electromagnetic spectrum (radio waves, microwaves, infrared, seen, ultraviolet, X-rays, gamma rays) together with elementary info about their makes use of.

Unit VI: Optics (18 Durations)

Chapter–9: Ray Optics and Optical Devices

Ray Optics: Refraction of sunshine, complete inner reflection and its functions, optical fibers, refraction at spherical surfaces, lenses, skinny lens components, lensmaker’s components, magnification, energy of a lens, mixture of skinny lenses involved, refraction of sunshine via a prism.

Optical devices: Microscopes and astronomical telescopes (reflecting and refracting) and their magnifying powers.

Chapter–10: Wave Optics

Wave optics: Wavefront and Huygens precept, reflection and refraction of airplane wave at a airplane floor utilizing wave fronts. Proof of legal guidelines of reflection and refraction utilizing Huygens precept.

Interference, Younger’s double slit experiment and expression for fringe width, coherent sources and sustained interference of sunshine, diffraction on account of a single slit, width of central most

Unit VII: Twin Nature of Radiation and Matter (7 Durations)

Chapter–11: Twin Nature of Radiation and Matter

Twin nature of radiation, Photoelectric impact, Hertz and Lenard’s observations; Einstein’s

photoelectric equation-particle nature of sunshine.

Experimental examine of photoelectric impact Matter waves-wave nature of particles, de-Broglie relation

Unit VIII: Atoms and Nuclei (11 Durations)

Chapter–12: Atoms

Alpha-particle scattering experiment; Rutherford’s mannequin of atom; Bohr mannequin, power ranges, hydrogen spectrum.


Nuclei Composition and dimension of nucleus Nuclear pressure Mass-energy relation, mass defect, nuclear fission, nuclear fusion.

Unit IX: Digital Gadgets (7 Durations)


Semiconductor Electronics: Supplies, Gadgets and Easy Circuits Power bands in conductors, semiconductors and insulators (qualitative concepts solely)

Semiconductor diode – I-V traits in ahead and reverse bias, diode as a rectifier; Particular objective p-n junction diodes:

LED, photodiode, photo voltaic cell.

Syllabus assigned for CBSE Class Physics Sensible for Time period II (Whole Durations: 16)

The second time period sensible examination will probably be organised by faculties as per the instructions of CBSE and viva will probably be taken by each inner and exterior observers. The report to be submitted by the scholars on the time of second time period examination has to incorporate a report of a minimum of 4 Experiments and three Actions to be demonstrated by the trainer.

Analysis Scheme

Time Allowed: one and half hours: Max. Marks: 15

Two experiments to be carried out by college students at time of examination: 8 marks

Sensible report [experiments and activities]: 2 marks

Viva on experiments, and actions: 5 marks

Whole: 15 marks

Experiments assigned for Time period-II

1. To seek out the focal size of a convex lens by plotting graphs between u and v or between 1/u and 1/v.

2. To seek out the focal size of a convex mirror, utilizing a convex lens.


To seek out the focal size of a concave lens, utilizing a convex lens.

3. To find out angle of minimal deviation for a given prism by plotting a graph between angle of incidence and angle of deviation.

4. To find out the refractive index of a glass slab utilizing a travelling microscope.

5. To seek out the refractive index of a liquid by utilizing a convex lens and airplane mirror.

6. To attract the I-V attribute curve for a p-n junction diode in ahead bias and reverse bias.

Actions assigned for Time period-II

1. To establish a diode, an LED, a resistor and a capacitor from a blended assortment of such gadgets.

2. Use of multimeter to see the unidirectional movement of present in case of a diode and an LED and

test whether or not a given digital element (e.g., diode) is in working order.

3. To check impact of depth of sunshine (by various distance of the supply) on an LDR.

4. To watch refraction and lateral deviation of a beam of sunshine incident obliquely on a glass slab.

5. To watch polarization of sunshine utilizing two Polaroids.

6. To watch diffraction of sunshine on account of a skinny slit.

7. To check the character and dimension of the picture fashioned by a (i) convex lens, (ii) concave mirror, on a display screen by utilizing a candle and a display screen (for various distances of the candle from the


8. To acquire a lens mixture with the desired focal size by utilizing two lenses from the given set of lenses.

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