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CBSE Sample Paper 2021-22 (Term 1) for Class 12 NCC: Based On Revised CBSE Syllabus 2021-22

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Examine CBSE Pattern Paper 2021-22 (Time period 1) for Class 12 NCC. It’s primarily based on revised CBSE Syllabus & essential for upcoming CBSE board examination 2021-22 (Time period 1)

CBSE Pattern Paper for Class 12 NCC topics is obtainable right here for obtain in PDF format. This MCQ primarily based CBSE Pattern Paper is essential for the preparation of the upcoming Time period 1 CBSE Class 12 board examination of NCC topic. Hyperlink to obtain the syllabus is given on the finish of this text.

CBSE Date Sheet 10th & 12th: 2021-2022

CBSE Sample Paper 2021-22: Class 10 & Class 12

CBSE Class 12 NCC Pattern Paper 2021-22 (Time period 1)


PART-I (Try any 16 Questions)

Q.1: ‘Tham’ can be referred to as as:-

a). Halt 

b). Visarjan 

c). Dismiss 

d). Wheeling

Q.2: Whereas passing an Officer, salute will likely be given at which tempo?

a). Second 

b). Third 

c). Fourth 

d). Sixth

Q.3: What’s the Composition and Energy for Guard of Honor for the Vice President

and Prime Minister?

a). 50 

b). 75 

c). 100 

d). 150

Q.4: Drill brings concerning the coordination between ——– and physique.

a). Hand 

b). Legs 

c). Thoughts 

d). Rifle

Q.5: What number of levels does the cadet flip in wheeling?

a). 45 




Q.6: Why is ‘Forming of a squad’ carried out?

a) To alter the formation 

b) To alter the route 

c) For halt 

d) For saluting

Q.7: What’s the weight of the .22 Deluxe Rifle?

a) 8 lbs 10 oz 

b) 6 lbs 3 oz 

c) 8 lbs 2 oz 

d) 6 lbs 2 oz

Q.8: Write growth of MPI.

a) Man level of influence 

b) imply level of influence

c) Primary level of influence 

d) mid-point of influence

Q.9: What is called the act of firing a shot? 

a) Cocking 

b) Taking pictures 

c) Suiting 

d) Grouping 

Q.10: Why is the crimson flag used when firing? 

a) To scare 

b) To inform that there’s firing on the vary 

c) For the Crimson Cross 

d) for adornment 

Q.11: What are the three important components for the creation of fireplace and its continuation? 

a) Oxygen, warmth, temperature 

b) oxygen, temperature, materials 

c) Oxygen, ambiance, temperature 

d) oxygen, materials, cooling agent 

Q.12: Title pure disasters amongst these. 

a) Storm, kitchen hearth 

b) cyclone, highway accidents 

c) Twister, drought 

d) Tsunami, chemical hearth 

Q.13: The heating of milk to such temperature and for such durations, as required to destroy any pathogens with out destruction of nutritive worth is called; 

a) Boiling

b) Freezing 

c) Heating 

d) Pasteurization 

Q. 14: Assist given to a sick or injured particular person till full medical remedy is obtainable known as – 

a) Medication 

b) assurance 

c) Ambulance 

d) First support 

Q.15: What causes air pollution imbalance within the ambiance? 

a) Pollution 

b) Water 

c) Air 

d) Science 

Q.16: “Wedding ceremony operate is occurring and music is taking part in loudly” which sort of air pollution is that this? a) Air air pollution 

b) soil air pollution 

c) sound air pollution 

d) water air pollution 

Q. 17: Which supply of water is an effective supply of potable water provide? 

a) Rain water 

b) Floor water 

c) Underground streams 

d) River water 

Q.18: The growth of DDMA is 

a) Delhi Catastrophe Administration Act 

b) District Catastrophe Administration Act 

c) District Catastrophe Administration Authority 

d) Delhi Catastrophe Administration Authority




For remainder of the questions & their solutions, obtain the pattern paper and marking scheme from the next hyperlinks

CBSE Class 12 NCC Sample Paper 2021-22 (Term 1) PDF

CBSE Class 12 NCC Marking Scheme 2021-22 (Term 1) PDF

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