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Chopper review – Eric Bana’s star-making turn reeking with lairy charm and charisma

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With this very good true-crime drama from 2000, now on re-release, director Andrew Dominik made an excellent debut. However by way of sheer star-birth affect, Dominik had nothing on the breakthrough made by the main man he’d discovered, former TV comedian Eric Bana who gave the big-screen efficiency of his life, reeking with lairy anti-charm and black comedian charisma.

Bana performs Mark “Chopper” Learn, the notoriously violent and misogynist Melbourne legal on whose unreliable however bestselling memoirs the movie relies. We see him in jail within the late 70s, grinning, laughing and monologuing with eerie lack of concern; first launching a savage assault on rival powerful man Keithy George (David Discipline) within the jail affiliation room, then snarlingly informing his cringing lieutenant Jimmy Loughnan (Simon Lyndon) that he intends to place the entire jail underneath siege by attacking some warders.

Reasonably than become involved on this loopy scheme, Jimmy tries to homicide Chopper with a knife, however his sufferer withstands the assault with nearly superhuman power, cuts his personal ears off to get to a segregated wing, defends himself efficiently in court docket in opposition to the cost that he was the one who attacked Jimmy first after which, as soon as out of jail, his concern and informal loathing of girls explodes and he makes use of his informant standing with native police to assert he has carte-blanche to assault dangerous guys with the cops’ blessing. It’s an association which ends up in nonstop chaotic mayhem, fuelled by Chopper’s coke-addled paranoia.

Bana is solely very good, each because the clean-shaven moon-faced younger sociopath we encounter to start with, after which because the chubbier, gold-toothed, moustachioed headbanger he turns into. In each scene – cell, courtroom, dodgy membership, sordid flat – Bana holds your consideration effortlessly, usually getting huge laughs. It’s a efficiency you may evaluate with Joe Pesci in GoodFellas, and truly appreciably higher than Tom Hardy’s efficiency because the comparable British convict Charles Bronson in Nicolas Winding Refn’s Bronson from 2008, which certainly took some inspiration from Chopper.

As for Bana himself, I said at the time that if he might do an American accent, he was all set. And that occurred … form of. Chopper was the dilithium crystal that powered the 20-year-plus profession in motion pictures and tv that Eric Bana has gone on to have as a wonderfully believable lead in straight roles; some are fascinating, however not like Chopper. I don’t suppose something he has carried out has matched the poisonous thrills and the hideous laughs he obtained because the scary joker and monstrous non-charmer. However why hasn’t Bana, evidently an amazing comedian, gone extra into movie comedy? Did he suppose that comedy was one thing he’d outgrown? Did he wish to keep away from Chopper/larrikin typecasting? Possibly – and perhaps the roles haven’t been there for him. Just a few years again, Bana was hinting at a return to standup – however nonetheless nothing. There’s nonetheless time, although.

Nicely, who cares? Chopper is a superb movie. I nonetheless giggle when Chopper is totally unconcerned on the first stabbing he receives in jail, merely inquiring mildly: “Bit early within the morning for kung fu, isn’t it?” There’s his dismissal of Keithy’s blood-splattered agony: “Complain, bitch, fuckin’ bitch.” After which his lofty refusal to show in opposition to his buddy Jimmy for stabbing him – on grounds of loyalty: “In case your mum stabbed you, you wouldn’t get upset …”

Chopper is launched on 25 March in cinemas.

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