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Cocaine Bear review – larky horror comedy is roaring good fun

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Cocaine Bear review – larky horror comedy is roaring good fun

“If a person and an ant had been uncovered to radiation concurrently,” intones John Goodman’s B-movie maestro in Joe Dante’s 90s cult gem Matinee, “the end result can be horrible certainly; for the end result can be… Mant!” You possibly can hear an echo of Goodman’s “Half man, half ant, all terror!” mantra within the pitch for this campy horror comedy by which an apex predator and a ragtag group of people are uncovered to a number of million {dollars}’ price of class-A narcotics concurrently and the result’s… Cocaine Bear – a title so brilliantly easy and outrageously WTF? that it nearly makes the film itself redundant. May any function actually be as a lot enjoyable because the viral trailer that dropped final month, mashing up sweary youngsters (“There was a bear; it was fucked!”) and roaring behemoths to the pumping strains of White Traces (Don’t Don’t Do It)? Or is that this, like 2006’s much-hyped Snakes on a Plane, simply one other case of all title and no trousers?

The reply to each questions is not any or a minimum of not fairly. Whereas this will not be the head-spinning chaos-fest we hoped for, neither is it “horrible certainly”. As an alternative, actor turned film-maker Elizabeth Banks’s third directorial function (after Pitch Perfect 2 and the 2019 Charlie’s Angels reboot) is sporadically goofy enjoyable, a scrappy carnival of ripped limbs, severed heads and spilled intestines, all softened by an solely partly parodic family-centred Spielbergian sensibility.

It’s the mid-80s and up on Blood Mountain air-dropped duffle luggage of medicine are snuffled by the eponymous bear, who then proceeds to eat the whole lot and everybody. On the path of the stash are strongman Daveed (O’Shea Jackson Jr) and his broken-hearted sidekick, Eddie (Alden Ehrenreich), son of a drug kingpin performed by the late Ray Liotta, to whom Cocaine Bear is devoted. Additionally within the body are a dog-loving lawman (Isiah Whitlock Jr, properly tacky), a lovestruck ranger (Margo Martindale, sharing jokes about her “dusty beaver”) and a trio of wannabe native thugs at risk of shedding face – actually. Most vital, nevertheless, is single mother Sari (Keri Russell), on the hunt for her daughter, Dee Dee (The Florida Mission’s Brooklynn Prince), and her schoolfriend Henry (Christian Convery), who’ve skipped college to play truant within the woods, solely to find what Shakespeare actually meant when he wrote: “Exit, pursued by a bear.”

From the early devouring of a Scandi hiker, a nod to the opening act of Jaws, to the bass-note growls of Mark Mothersbaugh’s rating signalling the monster’s arrival, Cocaine Bear wears its influences on its sleeve. Right here’s the slapstick head-cheese of Sam Raimi’s Evil Lifeless motion pictures; right here’s the oddball character comedy of the Coen brothers’ Fargo. In the meantime, producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller (who first developed Jimmy Warden’s script for Scream crew Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett) convey their standard anarchic playfulness to bear on a creature-feature custom that encompasses the cult 50s traditional Assault of the Big Leeches, the offended rabbit romping of the 70s stinker Night time of the Lepus and the killer-pig thrills of Russell Mulcahy’s 80s function debut, Razorback.

In true exploitation B-movie model, Cocaine Bear is preposterously billed as being “primarily based on a real story” – that of a black bear discovered lifeless in Georgia’s Chattahoochee Nationwide Forest in 1985 after consuming medication dropped from a aircraft by cop turned drug smuggler Andrew Thornton. (He subsequently baled out and was discovered lifeless in a Knoxville driveway with an unopened parachute, a bulletproof vest and $15m-worth of cocaine). “I had a lot sympathy for this poor animal that was collateral injury of this ridiculous drug run,” Banks informed me earlier this yr, “and I keep in mind pondering that this movie can be a technique to avenge that bear’s demise!” Certain sufficient, her film’s sympathies lie squarely with its titular creature and in opposition to the hubris of mankind (a well-worn “nature in revolt” theme), though a mirrored shot framing ursine and human households makes the cross-species connections clear.

A sprinkling of 80s hits retains issues popping alongside properly, from Jefferson Starship’s opening soft-rock anthem Jane (a sly nod to Banks’s early position in Wet Hot American Summer) to a excessive level throughout an ambulance assault performed out to Depeche Mode’s Simply Can’t Get Sufficient. The truth that it’s throughout in 95 minutes provides to the appeal. It will not be Grizzly Man meets Scarface, however it leaves Snakes on a Airplane standing on the runway.

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