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Indian Scientist Develops Security Ink That Can Check Counterfeiting Of Bank-Notes, Medicines

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New Delhi: An Indian scientist has developed a safety ink that may assist fight the counterfeiting of branded items, bank-notes, medicines, certificates and different necessary paperwork.

It’s a extremely steady and non-toxic safety ink developed from nano-materials, the Union Ministry of Science & Know-how stated in an announcement. 

Dr Sanyasinaidu Boddu, alongside along with his workforce of researchers from the Institute of Nano Science and Know-how, Mohali, has developed the safety ink that has excitation-dependent luminescent properties which can be extremely steady underneath sensible circumstances resembling temperature, humidity, and lightweight. 

The research was lately revealed within the ‘Crystal Progress and Design’ and ‘Supplies Right this moment Communications’ journals.

Counterfeiting could be combated with the assistance of covert tags that use luminescent ink. Boddu and his workforce made the safety ink with nano-materials that may spontaneously emit gentle.

It’s a non-toxic phosphate-based ink, and its luminescence could be attributed to its distinctive chemical properties that may assist fight the counterfeiting of branded items, bank-notes, medicines, certificates and foreign money.

How Are Present Safety Inks Completely different?

A method often called downshifting governs the working of safety inks. On this method, the luminescent materials absorbs a high-energy photon and emits a low-energy photon. The covert tags will not be seen underneath seen gentle, however turn out to be seen underneath ultraviolet gentle. 

Such covert tags are single emission-based tags and could be replicated, that means that duplicate safety inks could be created. That is overcome utilizing luminescent ink with excitation-dependent luminescent properties. Downshifting and upconversion — the phenomenon through which the photons emitted have larger power than the photons that brought about the excitation — are such properties. 

The opportunity of decoding and replicating the safety inks decreases when the variety of parameters required to decode the covert tag will increase. This implies the variety of excitation-dependent luminescent properties should be elevated. The disadvantage of the luminescent supplies used at the moment to design covert tags is that they’re much less steady and extremely poisonous due to being made up of fluorides.

The Safety Ink Developed To Tackle The Problem

To develop the safety ink, Boddu doped Gd1-xBixPO4 nano-materials with lanthanide ions. The ink exhibited very robust downshifting and upconversion luminescence properties, in response to the ministry’s assertion. 

Easy co-precipitation methodology was used to synthesise the luminescent nano-materials. Commercially out there PVC gold medium ink and the nano-materials have been used to make a composite. The researchers printed patterns and letters on black paper utilizing the composite ink. They noticed the steadiness of the ink by finding out it underneath totally different excitation wavelengths, and subjecting it to numerous circumstances which can come up throughout sensible purposes. The ink was discovered to be steady on the wavelengths, underneath totally different circumstances.

The developed ink has enormous potential to fight counterfeiting as a result of even a standard man can simply discover out if a product is authentic or faux.

Boddu defined that trivalent lanthanide ions have very wealthy power ranges that may exhibit each downshifting and upconversion luminescent properties, in response to the assertion. In upconversion, the ink absorbs two low-energy photons and emits a excessive power photon. The excitation-dependent downshifting emission happens as a consequence of power switch between bismuth and lanthanide ions, he added.

The scientist stated they determined to use lanthanide ions for anti-counterfeiting as a result of they’re identified for his or her wonderful downshifting and upconversion luminescent properties, and might enhance the safety capacity.

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