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Mad cow disease case in United States ‘unlikely’ to have negative trade implications

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Mad cow disease case in United States ‘unlikely’ to have negative trade implications

The USA has reported an atypical case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), generally referred to as mad cow illness.

Based on america Division of Agriculture (USDA), the illness has been detected in a five-year-old cow in South Carolina.

It mentioned the animal had by no means entered slaughter channels and at no time introduced a danger to the meals provide or to human well being.

“Given america’ negligible danger standing for BSE, we don’t count on any commerce impacts on account of this discovering,” a USDA spokesperson mentioned.

“Atypical BSE typically happens in older cattle and appears to come up hardly ever and spontaneously in all cattle populations.”

Mad cow disease is a transmissible, slowly progressive, degenerative and deadly illness that impacts the central nervous system of grownup cattle.

The USDA mentioned it was the nation’s seventh detection of BSE.

“Of the six earlier US circumstances, the primary in 2003 was a case of classical BSE in a cow imported from Canada. The remaining have been atypical (H or L-type) BSE,” the spokesperson mentioned.

Commerce impacts unlikely

International Agritrends analyst Simon Quilty mentioned that not like latest BSE outbreaks in Brazil, the US was unlikely to face any commerce implications.

“Up to now, there have been no commerce implications, however all eyes are on China due to the precedent that is been set earlier this 12 months and [in 2021] with Brazil and the BSE case(s) they’ve had,” he mentioned.

“Below the commerce settlement between the US and China, they mentioned no ban could possibly be put in place on any atypical BSE case ought to it happen, which is nearly the exact opposite of what the scenario was between Brazil and China.”

Mr Quilty mentioned the final atypical BSE case within the US was in 2018, which led to no commerce implications.

“So you possibly can solely assume the identical will occur this time round,” he mentioned

“However we do know the scenario between the US and China has been considerably strained politically, and so you possibly can by no means rule out some kind of implication, however at this stage, it appears unlikely.”


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