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Money Shot: The Pornhub Story review – doc can’t find a point of view

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Money Shot: The Pornhub Story review – doc can’t find a point of view

Documentaries about pornography are often constructing to one in every of two completely different climactic conclusions: that porn is definitely a hateful enabler of rape, or that porn is definitely a sex-positive celebration of sensual pleasure. It appears to me that Suzanne Hillinger’s unsure documentary about Pornhub isn’t precisely positive what its cash shot ought to be.

Pornhub is the colossally profitable porn web site, owned by a Canadian firm with the airily tech-bro title of MindGeek; for years it supplied a profitable and arguably enlightened outlet for grownup content material creators and fashions who have been offering a consensual, authorized service to paying clients, and who have been thus capable of get away from the sleazier and extra exploitative aspect of studio-based porn and intercourse work. However a 2020 exposé by New York Times reporter Nicholas Kristof revealed that alongside this completely respectable materials, folks have been importing rape movies and child-abuse movies and the outrage meant that Pornhub’s actions have been severely curtailed.

Furthermore, the Fosta-Sesta legal guidelines introduced in within the US in opposition to on-line intercourse trafficking in 2018 doubtlessly incriminated all staff. So most of the user-generating performers migrated to OnlyFans, the place the movies are extra intently monitored. The movie exhibits that Pornhub’s so-called moderators needed to watch practically 1,000 movies a day and couldn’t meaningfully regulate the content material in any approach. But it surely additionally exhibits that a few of the campaigners in opposition to Pornhub are far-right Christian evangelists who merely need to stamp out pornography and all intercourse outdoors marriage.

The movie interviews – and is on the aspect of – the fashions and the performers as inventive entrepreneurs and heroes of consenting sensuality. High quality. However so what? The movie doesn’t interview the massive gamers (together with anti-Pornhub activist Laila Mickelwait), whereas for me it by no means will get to grips with the true difficulty for Pornhub, OnlyFans or certainly Fb: are these websites publishers or platforms? In the event that they derive revenue from the content material they host, then ought to they be liable for it, or not?

Cash Shot: The Pornhub Story is launched on 15 March on Netflix.

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