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Murina review – simmering drama on the Croatian coast

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Tlisted here are rocks just under the floor of the Adriatic the place teenager Julija (Gracija Filipović) and her mother and father stay, above a cove on the Croatian coast. At low tide these rocks are a jutting underbite, able to chew chunks out of passing yachts. Julija’s overbearing father, Ante (Leon Lučev), is aware of this, however defiantly pilots his boat by means of anyway. Then he pushes his daughter overboard for questioning his choice.

It’s a telling second in Antoneta Alamat Kusijanović’s sinewy household drama, during which threats to home equilibrium – Ante’s simmering anger, his spouse Nela’s (Danica Curcic) secrets and techniques – lurk simply out of view. Tensions are already excessive between Julija and her father: they dive to spear fish collectively in concord, however are at loggerheads after they attain the land. The discord is amplified by the arrival of Javi (Cliff Curtis), a rich pal of the household. The environment, of solar and celebration, rings as hole because the Europop that Ante blasts to drown out arguments; sonar-stabs of cello on the rating sound a warning.

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