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Newly named species likely direct ancestor of the modern human

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A brand new human species simply dropped.

A study revealed within the anthropology journal Evolutionary Anthropology Thursday proposes naming a brand new species that lived over 500,000 years in the past. 

The examine started when three researchers got down to decide what to do with Homo heidelbergensis and Homo rhodesiensis, two human species that lived from about 774,000 to 129,000 years in the past. The traits of every species weren’t properly outlined, inflicting confusion and inconsistencies when scientists went to categorize human fossils. 

“We did not uncover something. We simply made a brand new species so as to have the ability to discuss what the hominis did in the previous,” Mirjana Roksandic, a professor of anthropology on the College of Winnipeg and an writer of the examine, advised USA TODAY. 

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The brand new species, Homo bodoensis, principally recategorizes a few of these fossils into a greater outlined species from Africa and the Jap Mediterranean area.

However the brand new species is a suggestion, so there are no guarantees the remainder of the scientific neighborhood will undertake H. bodoensis. 

“I hope that simply because it fills the void in the hunt for terminology for me, it would additionally come to be accepted by others to fill that void,” Roksandic mentioned. 

The examine additionally suggests H. bodoensis was a direct ancestor Homo sapiens, trendy people. 

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