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Studio 666 review – what possessed Dave Grohl to make this frightful gonzo grossout?

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The estimable Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters has bafflingly determined to attempt everybody’s endurance with this unbearable self-importance challenge: a violent gonzo grossout that sadly conforms to the horror-comedy tendency of being neither correctly scary nor correctly humorous. And it’s based on the belief that these real-life badass rock musicians are additionally fairly hilarious and cute.

On this different universe, the Foo Fighters are creatively blocked: we see them sitting across the boardroom desk of their document firm places of work, listlessly bickering. So the irascible company swimsuit (Jeff Garlin, phoning it in) sends them to a infamous semi-derelict home with all kind of freaky associations with rock legends of the previous, there to work on their new album. It was apparently final utilized by a troubled band known as Dreamwidow, who have been tipped to be “the subsequent Jane’s Dependancy”. Grohl turns into haunted by the place’s devilish spirits, more and more obsessed together with his personal freaky otherworldly imaginative and prescient for the document, as an increasing number of violent and demonic issues maintain occurring.

Will Forte has a small function because the fast-food supply man who retains making an attempt to get Dave to take heed to his demo tape. Dangerous concept. Grohl himself is not less than fairly relaxed, because the band’s much-loved frontman, lastly in dire want of exorcism. However there’s an terrible lot of horrible picket performing from everybody else, along with sub-Ghostbusters visible results, for which the film expects fanbase forgiveness. It does in reality comprise one genuinely humorous factor, and that’s Lionel Richie’s cameo. However it’s actually fairly disconcerting that the movie’s comedy setup is about violent and horrible issues that occurred again within the 90s …? A few of which issues an individual taking their very own life …? As Lionel Richie would say: whats up?

Studio 666 is launched on 25 February in cinemas.

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