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Term 2 CBSE Class 12 Applied Mathematics Syllabus: CBSE Exam 2022

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Integration as a reverse technique of differentiation Vocabulary and Notations associated to Integration


Indefinite Integrals because the household of curves

Easy integrals primarily based on every technique (nontrigonometric operate)


Particular Integrals as the world beneath the curve

Analysis of particular integrals utilizing properties


Software of Integration

Issues primarily based on discovering

Complete value when Marginal Value is given

Complete Income when Marginal Income is given

Equilibrium value and equilibrium amount and therefore shopper and producer surplus

Differential Equations and Modeling


Differential Equations

Definition, order, diploma and examples


Software of Differential Equations

Progress and Decay Mannequin in Organic Sciences, Economics and enterprise, and so forth

Unit- 5 Inferential Statistics


Inhabitants and Pattern

Inhabitants information from the census, financial surveys and different contexts from sensible life

Examples of drawing a couple of pattern set from the identical inhabitants

Examples of a consultant and non-representative pattern

Unbiased and biased sampling

Issues primarily based on random sampling utilizing easy random sampling and systematic random sampling (pattern measurement lower than 100)


t-Check (one-sample t-test and two impartial teams t-test)

Examples and non-examples of Null and Alternate hypotheses (solely nondirectional alternate hypotheses)

Framing of Null and Alternate speculation

Testing a Null Speculation to make Statistical Inferences for a small pattern measurement

(for small pattern measurement: t-test for one group and two impartial teams

Use of t-table

Unit – 6 Index Numbers And Time-Primarily based Information


Time Collection

That means and Definition


Parts of

Time Collection

Secular development

Seasonal variation

Cyclical variation

Irregular variation


Time Collection evaluation for univariate information

Becoming a straight line development and estimating the worth


Secular Pattern

The tendency of the variable to extend or lower over an extended time period


Strategies of Measuring development

Transferring Common technique


Technique of Least Squares

Unit 7- Monetary Arithmetic


Perpetuity, Sinking Funds

That means of Perpetuity and Sinking Fund

Actual life examples of sinking fund

Benefits of Sinking Fund

Sinking Fund vs. Financial savings account


Valuation of Bonds

That means of Bond Valuation

Phrases associated to valuation of bond:

Coupon charge, Maturity charge and

Present value

Bond Valuation Strategies:

i) Current Worth Strategy

ii) Relative Value Strategy


Calculation of EMI

Strategies to calculate EMI:

i) Flat-Charge Technique

ii) Lowering-Stability Technique

Actual life examples to calculate EMI of varied forms of loans, buy of property, and so forth.


Calculation of Returns, Nominal Charge of Return

System for calculation of Charge of Return, Nominal Charge of Return


Compound Annual Progress Charge

That means and use of Compound Annual Progress Charge

The method for Compound Annual Progress Charge


Linear technique of Depreciation

That means and method for Linear Technique of Depreciation

Benefits and downsides of Linear Technique

Unit 8- Linear Programming


Introduction and associated terminology

Want for framing linear programming drawback

Definition of Determination Variable, Constraints, Goal operate, Optimization and Non Destructive situations


The mathematical formulation of Linear Programming Drawback

Set the issue by way of choice variables, establish the target operate, establish the set of drawback constraints, categorical the issue by way of inequations


Various kinds of Linear Programming Issues

Formulate varied forms of LPP’s like Manufacturing Drawback, Weight loss program Drawback, Transportation Drawback, and so forth


Graphical technique of answer for issues in two variables

Nook Level Technique for the Optimum answer of LPP


Possible and Infeasible Areas

Definition and Examples to elucidate the phrases


Possible and infeasible options, optimum possible answer

Issues primarily based on optimization

Examples of discovering the options by graphical technique

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