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The Batman reinvented Gotham. So who will be its next supervillain?

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Perhaps essentially the most splendid payoff from Matt Reeves’ The Batman is that it has the potential for opening up a whole Batverse of flicks and TV reveals. This can be a film that resets the darkish knight mythos in the identical method Batman Begins did in 2005 after the debacle that was Batman & Robin. For long-term followers of the caped crusader, it’s like a heat bathtub in all that Gotham Metropolis great things, with the implication that extra mysteries lurk round each nook for Batman as he cuts by way of corrupt cops and hardboiled gangsters.

So what comes subsequent? We already know that Colin Farrell’s outstanding, unrecognisable flip as Oswald Cobblepot is to be rewarded with a spin-off TV show that may display on HBO Max within the US. And there are additionally rumours that Arkham Asylum, which by the top of Reeves’ film has been revealed as the brand new dwelling of not simply Paul Dano’s Riddler but additionally Barry Keoghan’s Joker, will kind the premise of a second segue to the small display. It’s greater than potential Robert Pattinson’s Batman may flip up every so often in both, however each reveals must discover storylines that swirl far past his rapid sphere of affect.

The Batman ends with the Joker and the Riddler on the obvious starting of a toxic friendship, a improvement that would drive the proposed Arkham Asylum sequence ahead if Warner Bros decides to borrow from the storyline of the basic comedian e book Struggle of Jokes and Riddles. However what about The Bat’s subsequent big-screen outing?

Reeves has already gone on report to say that any sequel will almost definitely function a distinct supervillain and that the climactic reveal shouldn’t be learn as a Marvel-style setup up for future episodes (although Christopher Nolan pulled an identical trick in Batman Begins and did go on to present us the definitive Batman/Joker movie). However it tallies with the sense that Reeves is ploughing his personal unorthodox furrow with Gotham’s favorite son.

Furthermore, if the deliciously languid tempo of The Batman is to be echoed in future instalments, Reeves must retain the air of foreboding and enigma that allowed Battinson to slide into “world’s biggest detective” mode. Dano’s brutal Riddler was the proper foil, however different villains who make use of subterfuge and sleight of hand, resembling Hush or Ra’s Al Ghul, may match the brand new template extra comfortably thanmore bodily enemies resembling Bane.

Reeves has suggested that Hush is in his thoughts, although not essentially for The Batman’s sequel. And there are even hints in his movie that Thomas Elliot, who has ready-made connections to the Riddler and Catwoman, may already be current on this arty and unhurried tackle Gotham Metropolis. Then once more, so may any of the caped crusader’s conventional rogue’s gallery of supervillains.

That’s the fantastic thing about The Batman and its imaginative and prescient of Gotham Metropolis as an unlimited, spiky puzzle ready to be solved. We’re proper at the start of this epic comedian e book conundrum, and there’s no realizing which darkish and dastardly gamers are biding their time for the later, ever-more profitable climactic rounds.

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