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The best electric toothbrushes for clean teeth and healthy gums in 2022 – tried and tested

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Incessantly requested questions on electrical toothbrushes

Do I would like an electrical toothbrush?

The proof, and the professional recommendation, says sure. The Telegraph caught up with dentist Dr Toby Edwards-Lunn, who helped pen an in depth information on how finest to brush enamel, and he was unequivocal on the advantages of going electrical.

“This point in time the expertise is so good, you needn’t put any elbow grease into it. The comb does it for us”, stated Dr Edwards-Lunn. “From the age of six to 96, all my sufferers are aided through the use of an electrical toothbrush.” 

Merely switching to an electrical toothbrush can not assure wholesome enamel. An excellent toothpaste, brushing method, brushing on the proper time and flossing are all essential too. However an electrical toothbrush is definitely a great begin. 

Will electrical toothbrushes assist with gum illness?

“Sufferers who use electrical toothbrushes are loads much less prone to endure from gum illness”, says Dr Edwards-Lunn, co-founder of Dr Heff’s Exceptional Mints, a sugar-free mint that helps shield enamel from tooth decay and acid assaults all through the day. “Sadly, gum illness is a multifactoral illness. Simply having an electrical toothbrush doesn’t suggest you will not get it. However it’s going to imply the chance is way diminished. A very powerful factor is eradicating the plaque.” 

And with greater than half of sufferers the dentist sees having a excessive plaque rating – even those that brush twice a day –shifting to an electrical choice will definitely assist. 

Will electrical toothbrushes assist with receding gums?

“Gums recede for many causes. Sufferers might be inclined to it, or they’ll typically brush too arduous. They will have previous issues with gum illness, which may have induced it. And so they can have a skinny biotype of gum, the place it is a genetic factor.

“As a result of an electrical toothbrush does the give you the results you want, and can hopefully let you know whenever you’re pushing too arduous, it will possibly assist shield towards additional recession.” 

Will electrical toothbrushes whiten my enamel? 

“There is a frequent false impression with whitening enamel. All of the on-shelf merchandise will not whiten your enamel, they are going to scale back the quantity of stain in your enamel. You’ve got bought extrinsic stains, that are on the surface of the enamel, from meals, drinks and cigarettes. 

“Intrinsic stains are all the way down to age or genetics. Tooth whitening within the dental surgical procedure impacts intrinsic stains. Through the use of an electrical toothbrush you’ll scale back the probability of placing on extrinsic stains, however is not going to take away the stain as soon as they’re already in.”

Can electrical toothbrushes harm my enamel?

“Sure. If you happen to’re pushing too arduous, or you might be timing your brush incorrectly. As an example, on an evening out you most likely will probably be placing acidic and candy issues round your enamel. You may most likely harm your enamel by brushing them. After one thing candy or acidic depart it for about 45 minutes.” 

The identical goes for breakfast, the place acidic issues like fruit can soften the outer floor, and speedy brushing can be dangerous. As for scratching the enamel, so long as you do not push too arduous, you ought to be all proper.  

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