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The Exorcism of God review – a big gaudy altarpiece of demonic horror

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“Sometimes I believe the satan’s within the Vatican’s personal ranks.” Whereas the true-life horror of Roman Catholic little one abuse most likely wouldn’t sit simply in a style movie, this bombastic however sometimes shocking Mexican-Venezuelan exorcism flick does have interaction with ecclesiastical sexual abuse in a extra common sense. Proper all the way down to its blaspheming finale, The Exorcism of God burns with a subversive need to tear again the veil on the church’s earthly corruption – however the iconoclasm is considerably undermined by the daft horror mechanics Venezuelan director Alejandro Hildalgo props it up with.

Rookie American priest Peter Williams (Will Beinbrink) ill-advisedly takes it upon himself to offer a yellow-eyed demon its marching orders from the physique of a nun, Magali (Irán Castillo). However, confronted with the succubus tied to a mattress, he’s briefly possessed by the entity himself and loses management. Eighteen years later, he has apparently recovered and is revered at a Mexican orphanage. However, the youngsters dying in his care trace on the secret festering beneath this veneration; when he’s referred to as to a hellhole penitentiary to look at a disturbed prisoner, he should out of the blue confront the previous once more: “She doesn’t want a physician. She wants a priest.” (A trailer-ready line, if ever there was one.)

Recreating the lamplight poster shot from The Exorcist, Hildalgo doesn’t precisely disguise who he’s in thrall to – although his movie is to William Friedkin’s basic what hair metallic was to Led Zeppelin. He gilds it thick – from a “sexorcist” opening sequence, whose tinge of exploitation flouts a lot of the underlying level about malfeasance, to Joseph Marcell’s mezcal-swigging super-priest, to the evil, crab-walking Christ in Williams’ nightmares. Attempting to enhance on the essential priest v demon religious showdown by having the movie enter quasi-slasher territory, with a jail filled with possessed inmates, actually is leaping the sacrament, although. The closing part has an plain cynical swagger, however this can be a large, gaudy, overblown altarpiece of a horror film.

The Exorcism of God is on the market on 28 March on digital platforms.

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