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Watch: Nail-biting moment Ukrainian drivers navigate Russian minefield on road

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A chuckle might be heard: proof that he and the particular person filming the cell phone footage are having fun with the absurdity of the scenario.

Their humour belies a severe scenario. The mines are sufficiently small to evade the eye of a driver travelling at excessive pace, and the style through which they’re arrayed calls for nice warning from those that spot them.

Ukraine has used anti-tank mines of the sort captured within the video. Russia’s use of mines, nonetheless, has prolonged into anti-personnel mines. These units are banned by the Ottawa Treaty, an anti-mine settlement to which Ukraine is a signatory however Russia is just not.

Russians deploy ‘bounding mines’

In Ukraine’s jap Kharkiv area, Russian forces have deployed “bounding mines”, which use a seismic sensor to detect approaching footsteps. 

They then hearth an explosive cost into the air, rising to round head peak earlier than detonating.

This makes them even deadlier than typical mines. Usually, a mine buried within the soil throws most of its explosive drive upwards, that means that any troopers fast sufficient to get beneath cowl or lie flat are typically protected against the blast.

The shrapnel brought on by the bounding POM-3 system, nonetheless, is blasted in all instructions and is claimed to trigger demise and damage inside a 16-metre radius.

“Nations all over the world ought to forcefully condemn Russia’s use of banned anti-personnel landmines in Ukraine,” Steve Goose, the arms director of Human Rights Watch, mentioned.

“These weapons don’t differentiate between combatants and civilians and go away a lethal legacy for years to return.”

Mr Goose mentioned: “Russia’s use of antipersonnel mines in Ukraine intentionally flouts the worldwide norm in opposition to use of those horrid weapons.”

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